Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baskin-Robbins at the Doctor's Office

I am not sure what happened with me this time.  In the past, when "dieting" with different plans, I would do well for a few weeks, sometimes longer, but always back slide. I would lose some weight and feel like things were going well, but then I guess I would get bored.  And a month or so later... the weight would be back.  Sometimes it would bring friends.

 But since I switched to eating clean, and have found so many great recipes and information about it, I am finding it very easy to stay committed to this lifestyle.  MR and I know that we will just always eat this way.  But is it because we finally reached a point where enough was enough?  What made the difference?

I have given this a lot of thought, and I think the real difference is that we can eat just about anything we want, as long as it's a cleaned up version.  Also, by eliminating the added sugars, and processed foods from our diets, we find that we no longer even have the cravings we once had.

Let me tell you about my relationship with ice cream.  I have always enjoyed good ice cream.  When I was young and skinny, it didn't seem to have much impact on me to eat it.  When I was pregnant with #1 son, I was blessed to have my doctor's office right next to a Baskin-Robbins.  WHAT?!  How cool was that?  And when they fussed at me for putting on weight (boy, did I!) I would say, "They think I'm fat?  I'll show them fat."  Really?!  How crazy was that?  Anyway, I'd just pop next  door and get a scoop of Pralines n' Cream, on a waffle cone!  So, #1 son is also known as the ice cream baby, weighing in at 9.5# and quite roly-poly.  Lucky for him, one side of my family has the skinny genes, and he has grown up to be quite tall and thin.  Also, lucky for both of us, I did not have any complications from increasing my sugar intake like that.  (What a doofus!)

So, all that oversharing just to now say that I am over it!  Truly over it!  I can buy ice cream for others, and have it in the house and I have no desire to sneak a scoop while watching "Modern Family."  While I do indulge in some dark chocolate, it is only occasionally, and usually quite dark, so pretty limited sugar.  Other than that, I just don't want ice cream, Oreos, Little Debbie's, or anything else.  I think about the flavor - or lack thereof - in a lot of those packaged items, and realize how much I was missing all those years.  I can make ice cream from bananas in just about any flavor I want.  I can make treats that taste better than an Almond Joy (another vice from back in the day!).  I don't have to have them all RIGHT NOW, as I once might have.  But I can have them if I want them.

Have we broken our sugar addiction?  Have our tastes matured and we've learned to appreciate the flavor of real food?  Still... no idea.   I do know that now I enjoy food more -- making it, sharing it, eating it!

So what's different this time?  I honestly don't know.  But I am glad it happened.

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  1. I definitely think 'real' food tastes better... once a person experiences that, the processed junk just doesn't taste the same at all!!!