Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grocery-Free Week! (almost)

I am really finding this hard to believe, but I just finished my menu for the week and I need to get two things at the grocery store!  A potato and a container of feta cheese.  Except when I lived alone, I don't think a week of my adult life has gone by that I didn't have to drop some serious cash at the grocery store.  This is so cool!

When we were first grocery shopping together... a very long time ago... MR and I would spend about $60 a week at the grocery store.  We also ate out every Friday night, and sometimes had Sunday dinner with my family.  Then the kids came along so of course the grocery bill got exponentially higher, and higher, and higher as they grew.  Baby girl went away to college and #1 son has been living with us lately, so our bill has been right around $100 a week, not including an approximately once a month (or so) trip to Trader Joe's and a less frequent stop at Whole Foods, plus whatever we picked up at the farmer's market on Friday nights.  And of course, not counting beef, since we buy that once a year.  So I would say we don't spend a lot on groceries, compared to some families, but having a week where I should be able to spend less than $10 just totally blows me away.  Since we are getting the beef for the year this week, I need as much room as possible in the freezer so my menu is based entirely on what's in the freezer.

Grilled Delmonico steaks and Greek salad

Pasta with meatballs/sauce
The meatballs were leftover from a previous menu as was the sauce

Grilled chicken
I found some chicken buried in the freezer!  YAY!

Sundried tomato and mushroom meatloaf and vegetables

Shepherd's Pie

I also plan to make smoothies (lots of frozen fruit in that freezer!), spinach/egg cups, and granola.  Lunches will be leftovers for the most part.  And snacks will be Greek yogurt with honey and either fruit or granola, or an apple with some peanut butter.  I am hopeful that I can actually get through the week without buying any additional groceries!  Hope you have a clean week!

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