Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Rose is a Rose

Do you call it a cheat?  Or a treat?  But it all amounts to the same thing, doesn't it?  Last night I had really just the little bit of salted caramel frozen yogurt, with mini (really super-mini) chocolate chips on top.  But to my body it's all just sugar, so it kept me awake for the longest time.  The up side to being so sugar-sensitive, now that I have essentially been off of processed sugars for well over a year, is that my body knows anytime it has taken in sugar.  I can almost feel the blood rushing around in my body!  Always a good reminder of why I don't eat that stuff (much) anymore.  So you can't sneak it in on me!

Okay, so back to eating right again today.  And actually, one little bit like that, to me, is not falling off the wagon... unless you then spend all weekend eating it!  But I won't, because I only bought as much as I was going to eat in one sitting... maybe 1/2 cup or so?  We went to a place called Ha-Ha's in Fenwick Island.  Serve yourself fro-yo in a bunch of different flavors.  Then you can add toppings like crushed Oreos, gummy bears, chocolate chips, brownie bites.... just all kinds of junk.  Nice for a treat now and then, but for sure not a steady diet!  We had actually planned to go go-karting, but a thunderstorm rolling in put the brakes on that (HA!).

I have noticed lately that I have been cheating more (still not a lot) than when I first started on the clean eating journey.  And I have noticed too that it has an immediate impact on my body.  So I really have to stop doing that.  I try to combat it by having healthier snacks around.  Here are some of the staple items we keep around to snack on:

Nut butters (with no sugar added)
Greek yogurt (goes well with a drizzle of honey, some of the granola below, and a little fresh fruit)
Homemade granola (I cannot tell you how easy this is to make and I just LOVE IT!)
Whole wheat pretzels - we order these online from Martin's Pretzels.  The other week we were in PA, and went by the factory store and picked some up!
Fresh fruit, of course

Personally, I limit the amount of dairy and wheat that I take in, but MR doesn't seem to have any issue with it, so we always have that stuff for him even if I might not eat it regularly.  The key for me is really being more intentional about what I eat.  Not just mindless snacking.... that's what got me in this mess in the first place.  But considering how long it's been since I've eaten, and what I really want.  And, most importantly, drinking water first, preferably with a slice of lemon squeezed into it.  Apparently, oftentimes when we think we are hungry, we are just thirsty.  So, what do you snack on?  Do you think about it, or just do it?

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