Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Girl's Gotta Eat!

Thanksgiving week!  Already?!  Lucky for me I am not expected to prepare anything.  The MIL likes to make the bulk of the meal, although I do help the day of.  And MR makes the pies... clean, of course!  He found whole wheat frozen pie crusts at Whole Foods, and makes a pumpkin one and an apple one.  No sugar added, but every bit as good!  But the week leading up, we still have to eat!  So here is this week's short week recipe round-up!

Mexican style sirloin steaks and avocado salad - I made these last summer and they were amazing!  So definitely time to drag it out again.  I just hope we have at least one day of good grilling weather this week!

Chili - Easy peasy!  1# grass fed ground beef, one can of tomato sauce, chopped onion, chopped green pepper, chili powder to taste!   (EDIT:  Oh, yeah, add some beans!  We like black beans and pinto beans!)

This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just really like it!  And I took it myself!

Maura's BBQ - This is from last week's menu.  I never got it made until today, so it counts for this week now!  If you want the recipe, see the previous blog post.  Thanks, as always, to our friend Maura who turned us on to this a very long time ago!

BBQ sandwiches - Leftovers from that fabulous Maura's BBQ spooned over whole wheat hamburger buns from Trader Joe's.

Chicken coconut soup - I have some leftover cooked chicken breast from last week, and just happen to have some coconut milk in the cupboard, and the rest of the ingredients too!  This makes my grocery bill light and sounds delicious!

Keep it clean!

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