Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sometimes it's not just about the clean eating!

Yay for the holidays that fall from November to January!  I love this time of year with all the excitement, festivities, family, and friends!  If you're like me, you also have that one little thing always hanging over your head though...  will I gain any weight this season?  Will I at least maintain the weight I have lost?

The holidays are often a sugar-filled whirlwind.  MR and I try to offset that as much as possible by making clean treats.  There are lots of great baking and candy recipes.  I will post some of my favorites in the days to come.  But this time of year, more than ever, I know I have to also ramp up my exercise.  Last year we did the weight gain challenge.  You weigh yourself on the day before Thanksgiving and then again on New Year's Day.  The goal is to weigh less on January 1st.  MR actually did it last year.  I did not.  But I only gained two pounds, so I put a small "w" in the win column.  (Previous years would have told a different story!)  This year we are doing it again.  And I know I will have to be extra vigilant this year, especially after that awesome (Paleo) pie I made for Thanksgiving.  Desserts are desserts, folks, and should be eaten in moderation, even when made without refined sugars!  (Tell that to my taste buds!)

My idea of exercise on a regular day is walking.  It has been so ridiculously cold lately that I haven't even been able to do that as much as I'd like.  So I have added the Plank Challenge to help build my core, and have also committed to a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day.  Not an average over a week but every single day.  Today, because it's the first day and I am all excited about it (call me next week to discuss), I did the Plank Challenge and a Kickboxing video (I can view it free through my Roku... I am all about free), and I am about to walk 3 miles (round trip) in the freezing cold to buy some coconut sugar.  I don't need the coconut sugar today, but I do need the walk so it's a good excuse and gives me a reason to keep moving.  Truth be told, the walk may turn into a bike ride... we'll see.  Nonetheless, exercise!

This is my idea of how to spend the next 30 days, and it doesn't have to be yours.  But none of us want to gain any weight this season, so find something you do enjoy, and move it move it!

And keep it clean!


  1. I was reading this the other day while on the elliptical! I'm in it with ya!

    1. I think this is the hardest time of year to stay on track! So making a commitment to regular exercise is so important! So far so good!