Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Wrote it Down for You!

Because sometimes life is so hard, this week I am going to provide you with a grocery list to make my menu items.  I will throw some other items on there too, so you can have lunch and breakfast and some snacks!

Items I assume you have in your kitchen... if not, add them to the list
sea salt
ground pepper
olive oil
clean nut butter

6 oz can tomato paste
1 can coconut milk
clean bread
sliced cheese (buy something good like a nice cheddar!)
slicing tomato
fresh basil (optional)
balsamic vinegar
2 medium chicken breasts
3# (approx.) brisket
16 oz. jar pepperoncini
frozen vegetables (choice)
salad greens (choice)
Greek yogurt (we like Fage)
Old fashioned oats

Yes... with these ingredients and the entree recipes on this week's menu, you can make dinner this week!  The brisket leftovers will be used for sandwiches.  It only covers 4 nights because one night everyone eats leftovers!  You can also make the granola to have for breakfast.  Eat it with milk or stir some into Greek yogurt.  Lunches are always leftovers at my house!  Snacks are often apples and nuts or some kind of nut butter.  So while this may not be the most versatile list, it sure is cheap!!!  Waste not, want not, always have a plan, and Keep it Clean!!!

Creamy Tomato Soup - This is super-duper easy and can be doubled or tripled without problem.  Season to the taste you want.  I add some basil!  And what else goes with tomato soup but.....

 Toasted Cheese Sandwich - The secret to this recipe is in the cooking!

Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders - I made a balsamic pot roast this week that was out of this world, so now balsamic vinegar is my new best friend.  Can't wait to try these!  I will pair them with a nice salad!

Pepperoncini Brisket - This is so easy it doesn't even really require a recipe.  Just drop a brisket into your slow cooker and dump a jar of pepperoncini (including the liquid) over it.  Cook on low for about 10 hours.

Brisket Sandwiches - What a fabulous way to use up leftovers!  Just tear the leftover brisket up, reheat, and serve over clean bread! 

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