Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pizza, again?

Between holidays, vacation days, and snow days, I only drove to work twice in the past two weeks.  Saved me a lot on gas for my car!  But the same snow that kept me from going into work (I did work from home) also kept me from getting outside very much.  I may be a Yankee born and raised, but I really do not like the cold.  We moved south of the Mason-Dixon line for a reason.  Apparently, not far enough south.

Yesterday I made flourless scones for breakfast.  These things are so amazing!  But because it was just too cold to get outside, I ate more than I should have.  Everything in moderation, you know.  First time I made them I froze the extras and had them with my coffee throughout the rest of the week.  I should have done that yesterday.  But, gosh, they're yummy!  If you haven't made them yet, I highly recommend them.  But also recommend you hide them from yourself!

This week is shaping up to be another cold one.  (sad face)  I am just such a wimp when it comes to cold anymore.  But we'll find some great comfort food recipes and that will make it easier to take.

This week's menu:

Ham and bean soup - I never got this made this past week, so it's a carryover recipe.  Yes, I still have ham to use up!

Chicken Alfredo - Another carryover recipe from last week!  I am beginning to wonder what we did eat this past week.  MR wants to make this.  I have linked to a recipe, but he is going to come up with his own.  You will get to see that recipe at some future date if it turns out.  (You should know, MR is a far better cook than I can ever hope to be.)

Spinach and feta stuffed chicken - I absolutely love Mediterranean food.  This has the added bonus of being pretty quick to prepare and cook!


Pizza - MR just loves pizza.  He would eat it every day if he could.  We make ours with fresh whole wheat crust from Trader Joe's but you can also use one of the many alternative crust recipes available online like this one, or cauliflower, portabella mushroom, etc.

Pasta with Marinara - This marinara recipe is super easy (do you detect a trend with my favorite recipes?) and make a lot so I always have some for another day.  #1 son will be home this week and his favorite food is spaghetti, so this one is especially for him!  I usually use rice or whole wheat pasta.

Rosemary pot roast - This is great stuff!  I will be working from home one day this week, so will be able to put something in the slow cooker.  And THIS is just the ticket!

Blueberry Coconut Pecan Breakfast Cookies - Because I can't seem to let well enough alone with the scones, I think I will also make these.  They look pretty easy, and I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand!  I will post on FB and Twitter if they turn out well!

Hope you have a wonderful week and remember -- Keep it clean!

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