Friday, February 14, 2014

Make Me Something Good to Eat!

Did I tell you my vacation had to be cancelled because of all this snow?  Bummer.  Plus, that means I have to plan for some cooking I wasn't really planning for!  But that's okay.  Being stuck in the house gives me plenty of time to think about my menu.  I still want to keep it as simple as possible.  Just because I am home and not at work all day doesn't mean I want to spend hours preparing.  But it does give me some flexibility, so that will work out.  Speaking of working out, I started doing Daily Burn this week.  With the lousy weather we have had (cold cold cold!) I have not been able to get out and walk and I can tell it is starting to have an impact.  I can't wait for it to get warm to get moving, so I signed on for the free trial of Daily Burn. I will give you my honest, unpaid, unsolicited opinion when I am done.  I doubt I will get up to Trader Joe's this week, so that means I have to be satisfied with what I can pick up at the nearest grocery store.  I just stocked up there last week, though, so I should be in pretty good shape.  The other thing, besides snow, that happened this week is my laptop died.  Dead. Dead. Dead.  #1 son will rescue the hard drive for me some day but until then all my pictures are MIA.  Bummer.  But I will find a work around.  I always do!

On to the menu!

Shepherd's Pie- MR actually makes his own but I am too lazy to write up the recipe this morning.  So use this one from Gracious Pantry.  I'm sure it rocks.

Honey Lime Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - Well, these just look yummy, don't they?

Hearty Potato Bread and Creamy Potato Onion Soup - The soup was on last week's menu but I never got it made.    Scratch that!  My inner lazy came out and I reheated some tortilla soup I had already made.  (I did however make the bread.)  And I ran across some spelt in the cupboard so I want to make this bread.  Sounds like a snow day recipe to me!

Rosemary Pot Roast (slow cooker) - I absolutely love this recipe!  It is easy and incredibly yummy.  If you have leftovers (we often don't) this makes the most fabulous soup or shepherd's pie you can imagine.

Sarah's Marinara Sauce - I made a big batch of this in anticipation of being away this week so that makes my life easy!

Pesto Chicken Sandwiches - These are so tasty!  I love pesto and on chicken with sourdough bread.... mmmmmmmm!!!!

Breakfast including Whole Grain Waffles and Pancakes - Because we leave the house really early for work (before many of you are even up, I imagine), we usually have something like oatmeal for breakfast.  Something we can make ahead and heat up when we want it.  So we like to occasionally have breakfast for supper.  There will probably also be eggs and fruit involved, but #1 son does love waffles!
Thinner Mints!

And because no week would be complete with a nice little treat, how about something like Girl Scout cookies, but clean?!  I love the "thinner mints" because they taste good, of course, but also because they can be ready in just a few minutes!!!

What are you eating this week?  Whatever it is, Keep it Clean!

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