Saturday, February 1, 2014

Menu Time... and Special Valentine Treats!

Do you know that today is the first of the month AND a Saturday AND the day before the Super Bowl?!  I was NOT going to the grocery store on this particular day, no sirree!  So instead of my usual Saturday menu planning and grocery shopping, I did an abbreviated list earlier this week and #1 son went to the grocery store while I was working.  I sure appreciate that!  I will, however, get to the store sometime in the next few days to get the rest of what I will need to make the menu below.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I want to make some special treats too so I have included some great extras at the end.  I have also included my new peanut butter cookie cereal - just can't believe how good this turned out! - and MR's Oatmeal Awesome Cookie recipe.  You won't want to miss them!

Black beans and rice - This recipe is listed in the blog linked.  Good stuff!  And so fast, if you remember to make the rice ahead of time!

Creamy Tomato Soup - This is as easy as it gets, folks!  Keep in mind, this should be paired with a protein.

Venison or Beef Goulash Soup - This looks absolutely beautiful!  I will use grass-fed beef, but you can also use venison.

Crispy Fried Rice - This is one of the first recipes I made when we started clean eating.  MR made some recently when he presented to a culinary class.  I love this stuff and it is pretty quick and easy. You can add some chopped up cooked chicken for protein!

Hamburgers and and slow cooker baked beans - We are pretty much tired of Winter and thought maybe this would make us feel better.  Besides, the baked beans are really amazing!

Stuffed Peppers - Baby Girl is making these for us sometime this week.  She just told me what to get at the store, and she will make them.  I am sure they will be wonderful and then I will get her to share her recipe with you!

Some other great recipes for you to try!

Peanut Butter Cookie Cereal - I set out to make cinnamon pecan crunch cereal, but once I started throwing ingredients in the bowl, I realized I didn't have everything I needed.  What's a girl to do?  I improvised and came up with this!  You can eat it as a cereal, or mix it into plain Greek yogurt for a really great breakfast!  (Or you can just snack on it!)

Wine Jigglers - The wine in these isn't clean, but the rest of the ingredients are!  Valentine's Day is the perfect time for just a little cheat like this!  For adults only!!!

Tiramisu Brownies - grain free - Tiramisu?  Brownies? But of course!  Another great idea for Valentine's Day!

No Bake Chili Brownies - Mexican spices and chocolate is such a fantastic blend of flavors!  If you haven't tried it yet, don't wait another day!  These taste like they are baked, but are fresh, raw, and super fast to make!

Cheesecake!- Cheesecake, even the clean kind, takes a little longer, but if you have a special Valentine, this is worth the extra effort.  So good!  (Oh yeah!  I definitely want some of this!)

Oatmeal Awesome Cookies - These are my new family favorite cookie!  MR whipped up this recipe one day while I was at work.  I think I need to make him some tiramisu brownies to pay him back!  The kids love them and we love them!

Whatever you are eating this week, remember to Keep it Clean!

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