Saturday, February 22, 2014

One of These Days....

I almost didn't get this blog written.  I think I didn't get enough sleep last night because the dog thought that 5 AM was a good time to get up.  Which is better than the middle of the night thing she had been doing.  So I have been half heartedly messing around with putting together this week's menu, cleaning house a tiny bit, and just generally being lazy.  I did manage to get in two walks today though because the weather was finally fabulous!  So it wasn't a total waste.

Never fear, though, I knew at some point I would have to go to the store, and we would have to eat, so I finally got this done!  You may recognize some of the recipes from recent weeks.  Seems that I didn't quite get them made yet, so I just keep pushing them to the next menu!  One of these days, Alice!

The Southwest Quinoa Wraps are actually a quinoa salad that you can eat with chips, by itself, or in a wrap.  I like the idea of a wrap, and am looking forward to this dish!  (I also promised a Facebook friend that I would include a vegetarian option with lots of protein... and the quinoa salad is it!)  The brisket also looks extra yummy (although not at all vegetarian), and I am anticipating there will be plenty of meat left to make sandwiches another day.

I met a new friend today and was sharing with her about clean eating.  Speaking with her reminded me that I like to challenge people who think this is hard or restrictive to tell me a food they like to eat, and I will do what I can to find a comparable clean recipe.  Because of that (and because my most popular recipes seem to be desserts!) I have also included the recipe for MR's Oatmeal Awesome Cookies and my current favorite Raw Thin-ner Mints.  These thin mints are very similar to Girl Scout cookies, but are clean!  And best of all, you can make them in just a few minutes.  I am totally not kidding!

MR's Oatmeal Awesome Cookies
Another thing that I want to remind everyone again is that you can eat clean even when you think you don't have time.  I work outside the home up to 45 hours a week, plus 2-1/2 hour round trip commute.  Yes, that wears me out.  So you will notice that my recipes are generally pretty simple.  Eating clean doesn't have to mean a big deal gourmet supper.  It just means no processed junk, no sugar, and no white flour.  You can do this.  Seriously.  If I can... you can!

Besides cookies, here's what we plan to eat this week!

Onion Potato Soup and pita bread - When will I ever get this soup made?  Maybe this week.

Shepherd's Pie - MR makes this.  He still hasn't shared his recipe with me (he works more hours than I do!) but the one from our friends at The Gracious Pantry looks yummy too... so just use hers for now!

Black beans and rice - This recipe is listed in the blog linked.  Good stuff!  And so fast, if you remember to make the rice ahead of time!

Southwest Quinoa Wraps - I haven't made this yet but it is full of ingredients I love, so pretty sure it's a winner!

Beef Brisket au Jus and roasted potatoes with truffle salt - Did I tell you I bought truffle salt this week?  Well, I did!  And I am trying to find ways to use it.  It's kind of expensive, but just use it to finish a dish, not to cook with like you do regular salt.

Roast beef sandwiches - That brisket should made some amazing leftover sandwiches!  I love repurposing food into something we really want to eat.  Although you know me... I don't mind eating leftover anyway!

What are you eating this week?  Whatever it is, Keep it Clean!

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