Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sweets for the Sweetest! Valentine Treats for Young and Old...

I always think that the best gifts come from the heart.  Someone pouring their own time, talent, and energy into making something special.  I have been working on a baby blanket for a week.  It should have taken me a few hours, but it's been a long time since I made one and I made some silly mistakes.  So I have ripped out every stitch I have sewn in so far!  I basically took it all apart this morning so I could just start over.  I hope to get it done before this little guy is walking!  On the up side, if I decide to make another one anytime soon, I should be a pro by then.  MR and I don't really celebrate "Hallmark holidays," and that includes our own anniversary.  I'd rather treat every day with him as special (because it is).  But I do like to surprise him with something special now and then, and #1 Son and Baby Girl are both home, so I decided I will make everyone a special Valentine treat.  They are over 21, so they can enjoy the Adult Jigglers or the Tiramisu Brownies... or both!

For Valentine's Day, I seem to be relying heavily on chocolate and coconut, two of my favorites!  I hope everyone can find something to enjoy!  In addition to some delightful recipes, I have included links to some fun crafts you can do on your own or with your kids, grandkids, etc.  Give someone you love a hug... every day!

Tiramisu Brownies- It's Tiramisu.  And Brownies.  Need I say more?!

Wine jigglers - For an adult treat, make your Jell-o jigglers with wine.  Really?!  Why have I never thought of this?!

Clean Snickers! I can't wait to try these.  Eating Snickers always makes me think of my dad... they were his favorite!

Macaroons  MR loves loves loves macaroons so definitely want to make these.

More Macaroons Yes, more macaroons.  MR would tell you that you can never have too many macaroons!  And I would agree!

Paleo Dark Chocolate Cheesecake The hat trick of dessert:  Dark Chocolate, Cheesecake, Paleo!

Paleo Coconut Truffles Yes, more coconut.  Sorry, we love it!!!

Chocolate Mud Cake This looks so delightful!  I think everyone will enjoy this one.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites It's nice to just have a little treat now and then, isn't it?

Chocolates!- More little pop-in-your-mouth treats!

Cheesecake (from Wheat Belly) If you like real cheesecake, you will like this one!  Good stuff!  When I first intended to make this recipe, I bought all the ingredients and then couldn't find the recipe.  That's one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place, to just keep track of my recipes for the week.  I also put them on Pinterest, but I like having one place for all my menu items for the week!

Paleo Mint Chip Ice Cream A refreshing treat!!!

Strawberry Pillows (grain free) These are just beautiful!

Coconut Raspberry Cheesecake - I added this one at the last minute because I just ran across it on Facebook.  Looks so good!!!

Crafts with bottles If you don't want to make nibbles... or you want to do something in addition to edible treats, here are some fun ideas.  Use your imagination!

Crayon Candles - I think the (supervised) kids will love this!  And it's a good use for broken crayon bits.

Easy Toddler Crafts The most fun you can have all day is just spending time with your little one.  Here are some fun crafts you can make together!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Keep it Clean!

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