Saturday, July 26, 2014

Clean Eating Menu with Recipes!

Our cow is ready!  Yay!  We are down to two packs of chipped steak in our freezer, so definitely time to fill 'er up!  My in-law's neighbor raises beef, and every year we buy a side from them.  We don't eat that much meat in a year, though, so we share it with the in-laws and a friend.  I just love knowing exactly where my beef is coming from and how it was raised and fed.  The taste is incredible!  I know it seems expensive when you buy a half a cow at a time (somewhere in the ballpark of $1000), but when you do the math, it actually works out pretty cheap when you compare it to grocery store prices. I haven't gotten the invoice yet for this year, but last year's was around $6 or $6.50 a pound, as I recall.  When you look at the price of beef, that is an excellent price.  To buy really good hamburger, you are going to pay that... and this is for beef cut the way you want it!  We get lots of roasts, steaks, hamburger, hamburger patties, chipped steak...  So, yes, a lot of money up front, but it saves me a bunch of money in the long run.  Plus, it just tastes better!

In honor of this event, the first recipe up this week is my favorite Rosemary Pot Roast.  I love it because it is super simple but so full of flavor.  If you use the leftovers for soup, you will be totally blown away!  And I'm pretty sure I will make roasted potatoes with truffle salt to go with it.

Instead of soup, though, we will use leftovers to make pot roast sandwiches.  Trader Joe's carries clean whole wheat hamburger buns.  And pickles on the side...  Yeah!  Something else I am totally hooked on (thanks to my SIL) is Claussen kosher dill pickles.  You can find them in the refrigerator section. I really prefer to make my own, but when that isn't happening, these at least don't have any added sugars.  And they have that wonderful Crunch (yes, with a capital C!) that makes biting into them even more delightful!

MR keeps asking for pizza.  He admits that he would pizza every day, if he could.  So we will get a Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza crust (in the refrigerator section), TJ's quattro formaggio cheese blend (this is what totally makes the pizza!), and MR will make his super-easy-makes-a-bunch-so-you-have-some-to-freeze pizza sauce.  I like to make a grain free crust for my pizza, mostly because  I love the taste, plus I make them in personal size so I can take them for lunch! Pizza sauce and grain free crust recipes here.

We really like to keep things pretty simple, mostly because we both work outside the home full time, and we have pretty long commutes.  So we will find a nice evening and throw some chicken on the grill.  I just rub it with olive oil and sprinkle it with Italian seasoning.  I like to make a little extra so that another evening we can throw together a salad and top it with grilled chicken.  No recipe for that, just make it the way you like it!  Grill some vegetables, too, when you make that chicken!  Dee-licious!

Since I still have those two packs of chipped steak, and I know I have some whole wheat tortillas in the fridge, we will have cheesesteak wraps one night.  I prefer to use fresh peppers and onions to saute for these, but I won't kid you, sometimes I just don't have that stuff and I am not going to let that stop me.  I keep frozen mixed peppers in the freezer for just such an occasion.  It is so handy to grab a handful of these and throw them in the pan.  I also like to have them handy for soups and marinara.  Is fresh best?  Probably.  But I hate to have produce get wasted, so sometimes I go with frozen.  As long as there's no added junk, it's fine.

I also have some homemade, no sugar added applesauce to use up, so I hope to get some figs this week and make Apple Pie Balls.  I just love these little babies!  Easy to make, and a nice snack!  If there are leftover figs, I will dip them halfway into some melted chocolate and roll them in chopped almonds!

I made this two weeks in a row, and might have to do it a third....  Almond Joy cake.  I cut back on the almond flavor (to 1 tsp).  To me, it tastes more like German chocolate cake than Almond Joy, but either way, it definitely tastes amazing!  I highly recommend you make this cake today!

The other thing you might want to make is this so simple mousse!  I substitute honey for the agave.  Delicious!  You can whip this up in a minute and have a really healthy dessert for your family.  Not that I suggest you hide it from them, but if you don't tell them there is avocado in it, they probably will never guess!

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