Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's What's for Supper!

Have you made Almond Joy Bars yet?  Well, I am here to tell you... you should!  These turn out like cake and are so very very good that I made them twice last week!  The blogs say not to use almond meal, but I did and they still turned out fab-u-lous!  The only reason I didn't make it again is because I ran out of unsweetened coconut!  I will take care of that today when I go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Almond Joy Bars
I have a busy week ahead so it's very important that I have a plan for meals, especially after working all day.  Some of this will be prepped beforehand.  For example, when I make marinara sauce, it makes a lot so I just freeze the extra.  Lucky for me I had some in the freezer that we can use!  The quinoa salad will be made this weekend so it's all ready to go on Monday.  I love those kind of days!  What are you clean eating this week?

This week's menu includes:
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad - I really love this stuff and it makes a bunch so I have it all week for lunch too!
Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken - If it has feta, I am there!!
Sundried Tomato Meatloaf - The sundried tomatoes really make this meatloaf awesome!
Marinara Sauce with whole wheat pasta (or pasta of choice) - Make a bunch and freeze it!
Pizza! - I have made this recipe so many times lately.  Because I make them personal size, I always have some to freeze and take for lunches.
BLTs - MR just loves his BLTs, and since it's tomato season, who am I to say no?!

I think we need a few treats too.... 

Thin-ner Mint Cookies - Taste so much like Girl Scout cookies, you won't believe it!
Apple Pie Balls - A family favorite!
Pecan Pie Balls - Super easy to make!

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