Saturday, August 2, 2014

Many Recipes, One Post

Yesterday I worked from home so I had a moment to throw some cookies in the oven.  The only problem with these cookies is that they are FABULOUS!  And ADDICTING!  I really have to stop myself from eating them all.  It's like eating a flat macaroon.  All chewy, coconutty goodness.  Making me want one!  Stop it!  So here is the link to those, just to get that out of the way!  Coconut Cashew Cookies I am telling you, if you like coconut macaroons, you will not be disappointed in the flavor!

I'm sure I have mentioned it a hundred times, but we picked up this year's side of beef last weekend.  Now my freezer is full again!  Hooray!  We have made a couple of things out of it already and, you know, awesome as usual.  There is just nothing like local-farm-raised-grass-fed beef.  And I know not everyone can source it, or afford that up front cost.  But think about this... if you stashed $20 a week, this time next year, you could afford it!  We lay out about $1000 for an entire side of beef, cut and wrapped to our specifications.  It works out to just over $6 a pound.  That's the price of really good hamburger, but includes steaks, roasts, chipped steak, hamburger patties....  Seriously.  Think about it.  And if a half is too much for your freezer our your wallet, think about buying a quarter.  So very worth it!

Things are a little up in the air for us this week, so I'm not sure how many meals I need to plan for.  I guess what I will do is make sure I have the staples around, almond milk, tomato paste, tomato sauce, eggs, etc., and just wing it from there.  I may have to do another grocery run this week depending on how things pan out.  This is another benefit to having a freezer full of meat!  At least I have protein!

Instead of my regular weekly menu plan, I will just share some of my all-time favorites!

Granola - One thing I make every Saturday morning (just about) is granola.  MR likes to mix it into his plain Greek yogurt.  I like to pour a little almond milk on it and heat it up for breakfast.

Three Recipes on One Blog! At this link you will find three of my favorites.  It's like winning the trifecta... .lucky you!  Rosemary Pot Roast, Sarah's Marinara, and Pesto Chicken Sandwiches are all really amazing recipes that you need to try.  Really! Neeeeeeeed to!

Another Three-fer!  Oh!  Here's another one that has at least three really great recipes.  Pepperoncini brisket just really couldn't be any easier, apple pie balls are the bomb, and MR's famous steel cut oat recipe is perfect for make ahead breakfast that you can have all week!

Wow!  That's a lot of recipes.  I know you will find something yummy... and clean... to eat!  Hope you have an ab-fab week!  And keep it clean!

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