Friday, September 26, 2014

Cheez and... Jam???

A few weeks ago I confessed to you that I have started tracking my nutrition and exercise using the MyFitnessPal app.  In case you didn't read it (what?!), I somehow got off track this summer and started picking up some weight.  As most of us know, once it comes off the last thing we want is to let it start creeping back.  I felt like I hadn't really changed anything, but it was obvious that *something* was going on!  So I signed up for this app, figured out what sort of balance I should have in my life regarding carbs, fats, protein, calories, etc., plugged that information into the app, and away we went!  As I said previously, I don't like to have to keep track of my food.  It makes it too much of a focus.  But this app really takes the effort out of it!  And it has helped me get back on track.  And I am now pretty sure my problem was eating too many treats.  Clean treats, but treats nonetheless.  And all things in moderation, as they say!!!  Since I started tracking, I am down about about 6 pounds -- and I also had lost about 2 or 3 pounds just prior to actually starting to track just by thinking more about what I ate.  The app didn't do it for me, of course, but it did help me think more about the combination of foods and how much I was eating.  Success!!

One thing that hasn't changed is how much I enjoy trying new recipes!  I am always on a quest for something new and yummy.  Last night I was home alone (poor me....) and I decided to try out a recipe for Cheez Crackers.  Well, as often happens, I didn't have all the ingredients!  I didn't even know what "nutritional yeast" was!  So I Googled it, of course.  And then I Googled, "substitute for nutritional yeast."  I found out I can just use Parmesan cheese!  As it happens I had a chunk of that in the refrigerator, so I shredded some up with my handy dandy new cheese grater thingy (how did I live without that?!) and made Cheez Crackers!  Apparently they are really good because when MR got home he couldn't stop eating them.  We finally had to put them in a container and put them out of sight.  I just love having a nice little salty snack that isn't full of "stuff" that I can't pronounce!

My modification to the cracker recipe was to use Parmesan cheese, but you can certainly follow the original recipe and I'm sure it will be fine.  All I know is, I like 'em!

Something else I ran across recently was a great recipe for grain free thumbprint cookies.  And they were really good cookies too!  But the thing that most interested me was making jam out of chia seeds!  It was so easy, and so good!  So tonight I whipped up a batch of just the jam.  You can use it to fill in the center of thumbprint cookies, on toast, whatever you like!  I am planning to use it in the center of clean toaster pastries!  If they turn out, that recipe will be coming to you soon.  But for now, do yourself a favor, and go make you some chia berry jam!  It's spectacular!!!

What are you eating today?  Whatever it is, Keep it Clean!

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