Sunday, December 7, 2014

Not Magic. Not Rocket Science. (plus a link to a giveaway and a giveback!)

Baby, it's cold outside!  I am not a big fan of the cold weather but since we moved slightly south of my home in the great white North of Ohio, I can deal with it.  Most of the time. One thing that makes it easier, though, is something in the slow cooker when I walk through the door in the evening.  And right now I have a brisket in ye olde slow cooker!  This is such an easy recipe that it doesn't require a recipe at all!  It's just brisket and a big jar of pepperoncini.  Put the meat in the slow cooker, and pour the pepperoncini, juice and all, over the brisket.  Cook it low and slow.  Definitely looking forward to that tonight.

I saw a sponsored post on Facebook recently for one of those weight loss programs that requires you to purchase their food. I noticed there were a lot of comments.  Curious, I clicked on the comments to see what people had to say.  Some people were trashing it and some people were talking about how awesome it was, even if the food didn't really taste that great. (Hmm...okay.)  But one in particular jumped out at me.  A woman posted that she loved [WeightLossProgram] "and I miss it so much.  I went off of it, gained all my weight plus 10 back..."  She also stated that she can't afford it is the reason she is not still doing it.  I really just want to tell her....  Wouldn't you rather have a weight loss lifestyle that doesn't require you to buy groceries for your family and their program for you?  A "program" (if you will) that you don't go off of because you can't afford it and then gain back all your weight.

I know that clean eating is not magic. Nope, no magic tricks here.  It takes some time and effort.  I know people have different degrees of success.  But I also know that when I keep my meals and snacks clean, I feel great and the weight stays off.  Not rocket science.  It's coming up on three years now that I have been doing this, and I am still down to a much healthier weight.  My weight fluctuates a few pounds... everyone's does.  But I haven't gained back all I lost, plus ten pounds. It's not a program for us.  It's just the way we eat.

I'm not here to bash any other way of eating or any program.  I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist or anything.  I just know what works for me, and that's what this blog has always been about.  Sharing my journey, hopeful that it might help someone else.  And I truly hope it has.

Okay!  So, here's what you really came here for.... What are we going to eat this week?!

Oh, but before we get to that, I Breathe I'm Hungry is having a great giveaway!  You should go check it out.  It's a pretty epic bundle of essential tools!  Oh, haha!  That's why she calls it essential bundle giveaway.

So that's the giveaway (but wait, there's more.... keep reading).  And now a way for you to give back, and it costs you nothing but a mouse click.  If you're on Facebook, you just go to this link and vote once per day for Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry to win a $20,000 grant from Wal Mart.  Voting ends December 12.  Please go out and vote for my friends!  Thanks so so much!  You can learn more about the awesome work CCFP does in the community here.  A special secret giveaway for my loyal readers... if you vote for Chesapeake Cares, share it on your Facebook page, and then comment below, I will send one lucky winner three bars of Trader Joe's dark chocolate with almonds.  This contest ends December 12, 2014.  Winner will be chosen December 15, 2014.

I have also started pinning my weekly recipes on a Pinterest board dedicated solely to that.  It changes every week, but is another handy way to keep everything together.

First up is Tortilla Soup.  We have a potluck just about once a month and this time the theme is soup and salad.  This is an incredibly tasty soup that it so easy and it's versatile!  You can add ingredients as you like.  We sometimes add chicken, sometimes add quinoa, usually add black beans.

Basil chicken with sundried tomato - Oh my gosh, I love this!  I mean, it has prosciutto on it, so that right there makes it awesome. I am definitely looking forward to this later in the week.

Mexican Chori Pollo - I was pretty excited when I found this recipe because this is my go to dish at my local Mexican restaurant.  And now I can make it at home!

Spaghetti squash burrito bowls - I am going to use delicata squash in this, I think (I actually forgot to buy squash so it depends what's available when I go back).  This is another one that you can dress up or down to suit your taste.

Pumpkin cheddar soup - The last pumpkin soup turned out so well that I am definitely willing to try another!

Cabernet beef stew - The picture for this just looks so good I can't hardly stand it!

Did you know I have started to make my own yogurt?  I used to buy the expensive plain Greek yogurt.  More than $7 for a container.  Now, I buy a gallon of milk for about $3.50 and make almost twice the amount of yogurt.  Let me be clear, I am lazy, and I don't take risks.  But making yogurt is not hard.  It takes a long time but most of that time the milk is just resting and turning into yogurt.  While I do nothing.  And knock on wood... I haven't made a bad batch yet!  We like to scoop out a serving and mix in some berries, or granola, drizzle a little honey over it.  A great way to start the day!  Go get you some!

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