Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunny with a Side of Meatballs, and some other great recipes!

One thing I hear a lot is that it's expensive to eat healthy.  Well, not going to kid you... you're right.  Buying fresh produce, grass fed beef, and all that other good stuff can add up.  I am always looking for ways to economize.  And the best way I know is to not waste anything.  Which requires planning.  Although, today, it just kind of happened!

Meatballs alla Parmigiana ready to finish in the oven
I had planned meatballs alla parmigiana for dinner.  First, I had to make the marinara sauce.  There will be lots of sauce left over and this stuff is great to freeze.  There will likely be leftover meatballs too which can go into lunches or for a MustGo night.  Waste not #1 and #2.

Because the meatballs alla parmigiana only calls for 1-1/2 pounds of ground beef, that means I had a 1/2 pound to not waste. (We buy our beef once a year from a local farmer, and the ground beef comes in 1 pound packages.)  So, I used the left over half pound and made two of the pumpkin marsala meatloaf in a mug from this link. which I can have for my lunches later this week.  Waste not #3.

Then, because I opened pumpkin to make the meatloaf, I had pumpkin left over.  I searched around my Pinterest page and found two minute pumpkin pie.  I have made this before and it is delicious... as are all the recipes posted here today.  I didn't make the crust -- the recipe says you can do it either way.  I also tripled the recipe so I could have a few of these and use up the pumpkin.  I will share if someone wants one, or I will just eat them with lunch or supper later this week.  Waste not #4!

So for the price of some meat, onions, crushed tomatoes, some spices, and a can of pumpkin, I have dinner for the family tonight, and lots leftover for lunches, more suppers, or just to freeze!  I am not going to kid you about this either... It doesn't always work out this way.  But it did today, so thought I'd share these recipes with you too!

What are you eating today?  Whatever it is, Keep it Clean

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