Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Morning Breakfast Break

I am one of those people who can pretty much eat the same thing all the time.  MR likes to change it up a bit more frequently.  He doesn't mind leftovers, but after about the third time, he is done.  I attribute my willingness to eat the same thing all the time to being basically lazy on my part.  If I have the same thing all the time, I don't have to think of something new to make.  Plus, I hate to make a recipe and have it not turn out well.  Such a waste.  So if I have a tried and true recipe....  well, I tend to stick with it.

The same is true regardless of the meal.  You already know I eat supper leftovers for lunch.  That's not just being lazy, although that's part of it, but it's also being practical and economical.  For breakfast I often eat the same thing.  It has eggs, it has cream cheese, it has... oh wait, that's it!  Two ingredients.  It takes about three minutes to make and it's really delicious.  You can add a little sweetener if you like, and even pour on a little real maple syrup.  That makes it taste more like French toast.  Sort of.  But I just like the eggs and cream cheese version.  I can whip it together in a soup mug at work and have a hot and healthy breakfast.  But even I like something different now and then, so today is devoted to some wonderful breakfast ideas!

Egg Puff - sweet version with syrup
2 ounces cream cheese
2 eggs
1 tsp. of sweetener of choice
Real maple syrup

Heat cream cheese on high in a microwaveable dish for 20 seconds. (a soup mug works well).  Remove from microwave and stir it up a bit.  Add two eggs  (and sweetener if using) and whisk with a fork until they are somewhat blended.  There will be lumps, but that's okay.  Heat in the microwave for 45 seconds.  Remove and whisk again, getting the egg mixture as smooth as you can.  Again, it doesn't have to be perfect  Heat for two more minutes.

And that's breakfast!  If you eat English muffins, I could totally see putting this on one and adding a little cheese and a piece of bacon to make a breakfast sandwich.  I just eat it by itself, or sometimes with bacon.

Minute French Toast - This is another good one.  I know we've all had some kind of muffin-in-a-minute or cake-in-a-minute.  That's basically all this is, but then you slice it and grill it in a pan!  If you've ever had a grilled muffin at Perkins you know what that does to it!  Epic!
I use real maple syrup, as opposed to sugar free called for in the recipe.  But that just depends on your eating plan.

Yogurt - Did you know I actually make my own yogurt?  That doesn't fall under the lazy category,
Yogurt with berries and honey
that falls under the... um... frugal category.  I used to pay over $7 for Fage 2% yogurt.  Yikes stripes!  And that only lasted MR about a week.  He is totally worth it, but I just knew there had to be a better way. And there is.  Now we buy a gallon of milk (the recipe calls for half a gallon but it is easily doubled and works out just fine) for half the price of the Fage and make about twice as much yogurt.  And it really is good.  And it really is easy.  It's very important to use a candy thermometer and make sure you get the milk to about 180 - 190 F and then cool back to about 110 - 112.  The only time consuming part is heating the milk.  The rest is just letting it sit and do its thing!

Breakfast Crepes with Chia Berry Jam - These are a good make ahead kind of breakfast.  I like to take them to a potluck brunch.  They aren't hard to make at all.  (You may sense a theme.....)

Blueberry Lemon Puffed Omelette - When I have a little more time I like to make this omelette.  It is baked in the oven and so light and fluffy!  Plus, you know... easy!

I realize there are a lot of eggs in these recipes.  But I eat a lot of eggs!  What do you like to eat?  Do you have a recipe that needs cleaned up?  Let me know in the comments and we'll see what we can do!  Until then, Keep it Clean!!

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