Monday, December 12, 2016

No Food Was Harmed in the Creation of this Post!

Today's post is completely unrelated to food, but I just had to share this awesome kid's Christmas gift to his family.  At only 7, he really gets the meaning of Christmas.  More importantly, he looks after his younger sisters (Ava will be 4 on Christmas and Emma is 2) this way all year long.  What a loving, giving heart he has.

Dear family, this is the candle of time together
like when we watch movies together
that is a special time.
(TL) Dear Ava, this is the candle of leadership it will help you lead the way through hard times.
(LL) Dear Emma, This is the candle of love when you get yelled at remember they still love you.
(TR) Dear Dad, this is the candle of faith on Christmas the brightness will lead the way in the night.
(LR) Dear Mom, This is the candle of kindness,  When you are having trouble you just have to say a prayer.
 *mic drop*

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