Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh I Get by with a Little Help From My Friends

I tend to be a little hard headed.  I think I can figure it out all on my own.  And I hate counting and keeping track of my food.  That's one reason clean eating has been so great for me.  For the last couple of years, all I had to do was make sure what I was eating was clean.  Fresh and as close to its original form as possible.  No white flour, no sugar, no processed foods.  And that really worked for me for a long time.  Pretty quickly after changing to this lifestyle I shed about 30 pounds.  This summer I seemed to get off track somehow, and picked up a few pounds.  And that just annoyed me to no end because I couldn't figure out what was different.

So I finally caved in and got the MyFitnessPal app.  Man, I hate it when I allow my hard-headedness to take over... because if I'd done this sooner... well, who knows?  But I think I'd have gotten myself back on track a lot sooner!  There is a little time spent to get your recipes in it. But since I tend to eat a lot of the same things, once it's done, it's done!  And, frankly, I think the credit it gives you for exercise is pretty overblown.  But I just ignore the exercise credit and focus on the numbers I am interested in.  Of course, I will have to add an occasional recipe, but I am actually kind of enjoying that part.

I started using the app about a week ago, and I am already back to losing.  And even though I don't really pay attention to the exercise credit, I do feel a little guilty if I can't log any or enough exercise.  Yesterday was rain, rain, rain, and the Grandparent is with us, so the best we could do was meander around the mall.  Well, at least we got a little movement in.  Today is nice and sunny so hoping for a lot more opportunities to get outside and move it, move it!

All that just to say -- I really recommend you use some kind of an app to help you stay on track.  With all the other things we have to do every day, it's nice to have a little help, isn't it?  But of course no post would be complete without a recipe, would it?  So here's a healthier version of Pumpkin Spice Latte from (Please ignore the typo!  Ack!)  I know it's hard to resist those treats, so let's at least Keep it Clean!

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