Saturday, January 7, 2017

To Grain or Not to Grain...

Let's get right to it!  Do clean eating and bread go together?  I get this question a lot, and I question it myself a lot.  From what I can find it seems to depend... on you.  If you can tolerate wheat, you can have it.  Just like treats, even when they're clean it doesn't mean your diet should consist solely of them.  But if you can find bread with minimal ingredients and made with whole wheat flour, go for it!  Just make sure it doesn't have any added sugar.

A lot of the store bought breads are loaded with preservatives and other really hard to pronounce words, making it hard to find a clean eating alternative.  So just do the best you can.  One of the things about clean eating is it has to work for you.  And being hyper-restrictive doesn't work for me!  Sometimes I want toast, that's all there is to it!  And better to eat some that is at least not as bad, right?

I eat bread.  I like bread, and I don't have a medical reason to not eat it.  I'd rather eat it occasionally and not feel deprived.  I just try to make good choices about it.  But if you can... and I do occasionally...make your own! You can use just about any bread recipe by substituting whole wheat for white flour and honey for sugar!  I made clean eating cinnamon rolls yesterday morning with coconut sugar.  These babies are awesome!

I love my Kitchen-Aid when it comes to making bread, but you don't have to have one.  (But it really helps!!)

I also know some people can't eat, or don't want to eat bread, for whatever reason.  And it's great to have some grain free options!

For pizza crust:  This recipe recipe is hard to beat!

And here is a no-grain bread recipe I really want to try!

For a great treat, this almond joy cake is my favorite!

So do what works for you... just do it in moderation!  What are you eating this week?  Whatever it is Keep it Clean!

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