Monday, May 19, 2014

Service not Self

Let's stop talking about food for just a moment.  I want to share with you a new project being undertaken. It's called "Images of Impact."  Instead of taking "selfies" and posting them all over social media, people are to take "servies" of themselves.  A servie is a picture of you doing service for your community.

Wow.  What a concept!  And how awesome would it be if for every selfie we see posted on Facebook, Instagram, etc., we saw a servie.  We could change the world.  Or at least our community. I'm pretty excited about this project and hope you will share it with everyone you know.  Even if you just do one servie a week (as opposed to several selfies a day, let's be real), you can be part of this world changing project!

Let's do it!!!  Go to this link for more information..... Images of Impact

I look forward to seeing your servies!!!!!

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