Saturday, February 8, 2014

Who's Going to Feed Me When Mom's Not Home?!

Because we eat clean there's no prepared foods in our house for a quick dinner.  Sometimes you can get lucky and find a leftover, but since we usually re-purpose those for lunches, that's not even a given!  Because I won't be here to cook most of the week, I have put together a list of super simple recipes so no one starves.

Pizza - We make it a habit to keep Trader Joe's whole wheat fresh pizza dough in the freezer.  And we love their Quattro Formaggio cheese.  MR makes a big batch of pizza sauce, so there is usually some of that in the freezer.  Top it with whatever else you can find in the crisper!

Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers - These have a lot of good, fresh, wholesome ingredients, so they look a little daunting, but they really are super easy to make.  And they make a lot so you can usually make it all into patties and freeze them for the next time!  We serve these on Trader Joe's whole wheat hamburger buns.  They are really awesome with a slice of fresh tomato and red onion.

Oven Fajitas - I haven't actually tried this recipe yet, but it looks tasty.  Just remember, don't add the sugar, and use whole wheat tortillas.

Creamy Potato Onion Soup - I love soup.  It's quick, it's easy, and it can be so tasty when you have the right blend of ingredients.

Tortilla Soup - This is my go to soup recipe.  I almost /always have the ingredients and, even if I don't, you can swap out here and there and make this your own.  It makes a lot too!

Marinara Sauce - I like to make this ahead so we have it in the freezer.  You can make it without the wine, but I highly recommend you don't skip it.  If you like, you can add ground beef or other meat to the sauce.  Serve over your favorite noodles!

Chili - a pound of ground beef, a can of crushed tomatoes, pinto beans, black beans, onion, season it!  Good stuff!  Brown the ground beef and add chopped onion.  When beef is cooked and onions are tender, add crushed tomatoes, a can of pinto beans, a (drained and rinsed) can of black beans.  Add chili powder to taste.  Simmer.  Enjoy!

Okay, kids, I can't make it any easier than that!  So nobody should starve because I'm not here to cook!  Hope you have a great week and remember to Keep it Clean!!!

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