Saturday, March 29, 2014

Menu for a Clean Eating Week

Not sure where I've been, but I haven't been writing, that's for sure!  Sometimes I just need to take time to breathe and the last couple of weeks have been like that.  I have still made menus but just didn't  have the time or the inclination to post them.  So this week I am making up for that by throwing some new recipes in.  Well, new to me.  And maybe new to you, depending on what other sites you follow.

It's rainy, but at least it's warm, so I am going to make my life easy today and just make soup.  I have posted this recipe multiple times, but with good reason.  It is really great, plus it's versatile.  I happen to have some leftover cooked chicken so this time I will throw that in instead of quinoa.

I also found a really tasty-looking recipe for Paleo granola chocolate bark.  I will adapt that and use The Gracious Pantry granola recipe, but other than that, pretty much as it's written here.

I made waffles this morning and, believe it or not, had some left over so I think I will try this bread pudding too.  It's nice to have some extra special treats now and then from time to time.

The weather is finally improving so we will throw steaks on the grill and makes some sweet potato fries and asparagus to go with that.  I love asparagus!  No recipe for that.  Just do it!

Another night we will put burgers on the grill and have some of this awesome slaw.  It's really good and really easy.  Not as easy as my mom's recipe, but hers includes sugar so... not doing that anymore... even though my mom's slaw was the best in the world. and burgers on the grill

MR loves his pizza so we will have that one night.  He likes to use Trader Joe's crust, as I have mentioned countless times, and their quattro formaggio, and Ciao pepperoni.  I am going to try this recipe for me.  I do eat wheat occasionally but I have been trying different gluten free pizza recipes.

We have some beautiful beef ribs from the cow we bought last year plus I will be working from home on Thursday.  Sounds like a recipe for slow cooker ribs to me!  I'm sure there will be some slaw leftover from a previous day, so that will go nicely with these.

I was going to make jerked chicken last week, but it got pushed to this week.  That's okay!  Anytime is the right time for jerk seasoning! jerked chicken

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