Saturday, April 26, 2014

No Joking No Bake Brownies - and some other great recipes!

I am so happy the sun has been out this week!  Not every day has been really warm, but as long as I have sunshine, I can deal!  So of course seeing the sun makes me want to grill!  This afternoon I will throw some burgers and chicken on the grill.  Burgers for today and chicken for tomorrow.  Check out the awesome pesto chicken sandwich recipe.  We also add avocado slices to the sandwiches.  Amazing stuff!  And for dessert... brownies!  You will not believe these are no bake.  The first time I made them MR even commented, "I didn't know you baked today."  That's because I didn't.  I really think any chocolate lover will enjoy these brownies, even though the only sweetener is a little pure maple syrup.  I hope you have a great weekend planned.  And I hope you can enjoy some of these recipes this week!

Pesto chicken - If you don't bake your own sourdough, do yourself a favor and stop by Panera and pick up one of the loaves.  They will slice it for you on the spot.  So fresh!

Mediterranean quinoa salad - This is absolutely divine!  And there is always plenty left for my lunch during the week!

Oven fajitas - Fajitas were never so easy.  This week I have a piece of steak I want to use up, so we will have steak fajitas instead of chicken.  Scrumptious!  Remember to use whole wheat tortillas.

Black bean burritos - Another easy and tasty recipe.  We have some cooked sweet potatoes left over from something else so these will come together quickly after work!

No bake chili brownies - Totally not kidding!  These are no bake that can pass for fresh baked.  The ganache would be the cherry on top if it were cherry, but it's chocolate.

Burgers and Honey lime cole slaw - Throw some burgers on the grill and serve this next to or on top!  I always triple the slaw recipe because we can't get enough!!

What are you eating this week?  Whatever it is, keep it clean!

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