Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Dinners for the Weekend!

My weekend started early!  As of 4:30 tonight I am done working until next Tuesday!  YAY!  Hanging at the beach with my family!  I brought along some stuff from my fridge (waste not, want not, right, Mom?!)  But still had to figure out what to actually eat the rest of the week.  As usual, we based on our menu on what we already had.  And then MR ran to the store for the rest of the supplies. So, here we go!

THURSDAY (tonight)
I used  this dough recipe, but I didn't have any vital wheat gluten (forgot to bring it!) so skipped that part and it turned out fine anyway.  The recipe says it will make two crusts, but it really made one large (14"-15") with a thickness similar to a hand tossed (not thin, not thick).
For the sauce, MR just takes a 25 oz. (or something like that) can of crushed tomatoes, 2 TBPS olive oil, oregano and Italian seasoning to taste.  EDIT:  This makes a lot of sauce, of course, but we freeze it in a few small containers so we have it for the next time!  And there will be a next time!
Top with your favorite toppings!
Bake at 400 for about 14 minutes.

Cheesesteaks - another wonder of the world!
When we have our cow butchered, we order steaks shaved thin for this purpose.  You can buy it this way at many groceries too.  Saute cut up peppers and onions in butter or ghee, then cook steak thoroughly.  Serve with provolone cheese and leftover pizza sauce (see Thursday) in whole wheat tortilla wraps, whole wheat buns, or skip the bread altogether and make Cheesesteak stuffed peppers!  

This is so super easy (HA!) and very tasty.  Soup isn't exactly a beach food, but I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking when I am on vacation!  I also have some leftover cooked chicken I will throw in, and a can of black beans (rinsed and drained).

Hey, we have to go out once in a while!  We're at the beach.  How about some blue crabs?!

Hope everyone has a great week!  And eat clean!

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