Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back to the Routine -- Menu Time!

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Clean Eating -- It's a Lifestyle

The holidays are winding down so we are getting back into our routine.  Trying to get back into the routine, at any rate.  Today we went to a wedding and reception, then church, grocery shopping, and dinner.  We spent very little time at home.  I did manage to somehow put together a menu and grocery list.  #1 rule:  Have a plan so you don't overspend at the grocery store.  I will be going to Trader Joe's on Monday to pick up a few more things (coconut oil!).  Also, I am trying to repurpose some leftovers.  That will save me a lot this week too.  Today at the grocery store I only spent $35 (cha-ching!) because I based my menu on what I already had in the house.

This week's line up includes:

Black Bean Burritos - I finally made these last week.  They were really great!  The most time consuming part was roasting the sweet potatoes.  If you are a planner, or prepper, you could have this part already done and throw these together in no time.  They were worth the wait, though!

Shepherd's Pie - This will be made with the last of the leftover roast beef.  MR mixes the meat up with some vegetables (some of those are leftovers from this week too!), and tops it off with some whipped potatoes.  Comfort food at its best!

Nachos - These are made from leftover chili from this past week. Just make them how you like them!

Ham and bean soup - I have to do something with all this ham so I will make a fraction of this soup.  The two of us won't eat that much soup, so maybe 1/3 recipe?

Alfredo sauce - MR saw a recipes for Alfredo sauce he wanted to try over some brown rice pasta or whole wheat pasta.  He is a really great cook, so I am all for letting him give it a whirl.  I don't think his exact recipe will be the one I have linked to.  Once he has made his, I will post it.  But in case you want to make it this week, here is one to try!

2014 is the year of the Clean Eating reboot for me.  That means focusing on eating clean and not on weight or size.  If the past is any measure, that means weight and size will take care of themselves.  I read something on a Facebook post today that essentially said, Why do we keep focusing on the failures and not the successes?  That is exactly why I am focusing on the Clean Eating lifestyle this year.  I was getting stuck on "Why can't I lose 10 more pounds?" and forgot that I had already lost more than 20!  So, I am taking the win with the 20+ pound weight loss and going back to focusing on the clean foods.  The other things will take care of themselves.

What are you doing for 2014?  Whatever it is, keep it clean!

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