Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making a List and Checking it Twice!

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Making my grocery shopping list for the week, that is!  Big plans for Christmas dinner, of course.  Also MR's birthday is Monday so have to have something extra special!  And Baby Girl is on her way home... somehow got sidetracked in Baltimore...  But when she gets home we can run around and do fun Christmas preparations together!

In addition to eating regular meals this week, of course we will have some treats.  I think we will flavor roast some almonds or something for one snack item.  And I want to make Paleo Toffee Caramels!  <---Pretty awesome stuff right there!

First, real quick... here's what for supper this week...

Tortilla soup - I know I have made this a lot lately but we were pretty busy this weekend, between church and getting ready for the kids and the grandparents to come into town!  Plus there are always leftovers for a super quick lunch later this week.  By the way, my friends at have some really great recipes besides this one.  You should check them out!

Ham loaf, mashed potatoes, and corn (not our usual clean eating meal!)- This is MR's birthday supper.  The ham loaf is from Gene Wenger's Meats in Elizabethtown, PA.  I should mention that this ham loaf isn't clean, but it's a family favorite.  You may recall that many people believe in an 80/20 clean eating plan where they eat clean about 80% of the time.  We tend to do it more than that, so the occasional ham loaf is certainly within the realm of acceptable.  We will also have a shoo fly pie.  This is awesome stuff, and another non-clean item.  Chalk Monday up to a cheat!

Christmas Eve!  With the grandparents in town, we have to focus more on food throughout the day.  Usually MR and I just eat leftovers for lunch.  But ftoday we will make pizza for lunch using Trader Joe's fresh whole wheat crust.

For dinner, a slow cooked beef roast with carrots and onions.

Merry Christmas!  We bought a nice honey baked spiral ham.  We will serve this with homemade applesauce and sweet potatoes.  Not sure yet just what else... but we will round it out, no worries!

For breakfast I will see about making some cinnamon raisin braids!!
Cinnamon raisin braids (from the Naked Kitchen)

Cheesesteak wraps!  We use very thinly sliced steak meat, grilled with onions and peppers.  Then melt some provolone over that and wrap it up in a whole wheat flour tortilla.  If you like you can add a little marinara sauce on top!

The fridge will probably be full of leftovers by now, so this is "mustgo" night.  Everything MUST GO!

The other thing that's been on my mind a lot lately has to do with affording to eat healthy.  I have been reading about people getting their SNAP (food stamps) cut, and I have been giving a lot of thought to how healthy one can eat on a really tight budget.  One of the most important things has to be to make a plan.  If I have a plan, then I can think about how I can re-use leftovers for another meal.  That Tuesday night beef roast will probably be repurposed into either barbecue beef sandwiches or soup or both.  When I buy fresh produce, I try to buy only what I will need so it doesn't spoil before it gets used.  But sometimes it does start to go bad, so I usually try to get to it before it's too late and puree it and freeze it in ice cube trays to make smoothies later.  Also, I generally make any snacks or treats that we have, with the exception of fresh fruit or nuts of course.  You can save a lot of money just by not buying processed, pre-made snacks.

Beef is especially expensive, so I would say that trying to buy chicken when it's on sale might be a cheaper way to get protein.  Also if you buy a whole chicken and roast it, that is one meal and you can, again, usually get one or two meals out of the leftovers.  If you really can't afford beef or chicken, think about other protein foods -- black beans, lentils, etc.  You can buy these canned and ready to use, but if you have time, it really pays to buy them dry and prepare them as you need. More time consuming, but saves a lot of money.

Really, the bottom line is that if you want to eat healthy on a budget, you have to make a plan and work your meals around each other to save ingredients and money.

If you have any questions about any of these recipes, leave me a comment.  I am happy to help.  Until then, keep it clean!

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