Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wait for it... it's menu time!

Saturday morning!  Laundry is started, scones are baked (go back one post if you missed that!), and I am making my weekly menu.  It looks like we are in for some chilly weather, so lots of comfort foods this week!

Once I get all my other stuff done around here this morning, I am going to start making Christmas treats.  I will make unclean cupcakes for MR and me to take to work.

These are not clean!  But they sure are cute and fun to make!

And I will also make some dark chocolate treats and some other clean treats.  Of course, I will make a batch of granola this morning!  I love a handful thrown in with some plan Greek yogurt.  MR adds a little honey when he does that, but I like it just fine with granola and yogurt.  Fortunately, I have most of the ingredients for my menu this week so that means a cheap trip to the grocery store.  Good thing since I dropped a bundle at the Amish market and Trader Joe's last week!

Tortilla Soup - This is such a versatile recipe.  I don't always have every ingredient on hand, so I just wing it.  Sometimes I throw in some cooked, chopped chicken, and sometimes I throw in some prepared black beans.  Sometimes both!

Pizza - MR loves his pizza!  We indulge in this occasionally with a fresh whole wheat crust from Trader Joe's.  We also like to use their Quattro Formaggio cheese (I know, that's redundant).  He makes his own pizza sauce with crushed tomatoes, olive oil, and some Italian seasoning and garlic.  Good stuff!

Potato Corn Soup - We don't even know what this is.  We are going to make it up!  We love potato soup.  We love corn soup.  We are going to combine the two and make our own recipe!  MR is good at that.

Rosemary pot roast - This goes in the slow cooker.  I love love love it!  And it only takes a few ingredients!

Beef and vegetable soup - Another recipe we kind of make up as we go along.  Leftover pot roast, some frozen mixed vegetables, some broth... what else, what else?

Baked chicken and acorn squash - This is just what it sounds like.  Rub some olive oil on your chicken, sprinkle on some seasoning (we usually use Italian) and bake it.  You can bake this at the same time as your acorn squash.  I think acorn squash is the ultimate comfort food!  My mom used to make it for me!

Mustgo - Either eat what's left in the fridge (everything must go), or go to Plaza Mexico for a taco if there is nothing left to eat since we do repurpose for lunches most of the time!

Check out earlier posts this week for lots of yummy treats to make if you're in the mood!  No matter what, though, keep it clean!

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