Monday, July 28, 2014

Favorite Snack - Whole Wheat Pretzels

A year or so ago we discovered a place that makes whole wheat pretzels.  MR was particularly happy because he is pretty much a pretzel freak.  These are the big hard pretzels -- great for eating as a snack or breaking into soup.  The only ingredients are whole wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast.  That's it!  They even source their flour locally.  Now, don't you feel even better about having a pretzel snack?!  The place we go is Martin's Pretzel Bakery in Akron, PA (Lancaster County).

They also have regular pretzels (white flour) and flavored pretzel bits, but we always get the whole wheat.  We buy our whole wheat pretzels right at the bakery.  They are so incredibly fresh, I can't even tell you!  (You can order them online if you can't get to PA.)  This past weekend we went to Lancaster for some produce and other items we like to get up there, including our side of beef.  (The side of beef is a story for another day!)  When we went into the bakery, I could see through a window some of the Mennonite women who were making the pretzels.  I asked to take a picture, and they agreed, even telling me to go through another door so I could get a better view!  In the picture, one lady is taking a tray of just twisted pretzels to the oven, while the other ladies continue to twist.

According to their web page, each employee can make about 10 or 12 pretzels a minute! They make about 26,000 pretzels or 1,200 pounds a day!  I guess they aren't technically home made, but the only way they could get closer to home made is if they did it in my house!

These apparently only available within a 50 mile radius of their bakery and in New York City unless you order them online.  Here is a link to some more information about how their pretzels are made.

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